We are excited to announce the re-launch of Xpert Leave Management, the human resources software that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of small businesses.

As a small business owner, managing your employees rotas, holidays, personal data and payroll can be a daunting task. We understand that these can often take up valuable time and resources, which is why our revamped software is focused on streamlining HR processes for you. It comes with powerful tools and features that will enable you to stay compliant with regulations while improving efficiency. Whether you have a team of 5 or 50, we can cater to all your HR needs.

Fantastic Features

Hybrid Work Management

Working from home has fast become a new way of life and employees have embraced the benefits to their work/life balance. For business owners it’s a challenge to organise and track employee work patterns. Our Hybrid Work Management feature will easily configure the relevant home and office work days. You’ll see where everyone is located quickly to give you a clear picture of in-person coverage.

Rota management

You and your employees will have a clear picture of who’s working in real time across multiple locations. You’ll keep employees informed of their shift patterns with this user friendly feature that makes it simple for everyone to access on any device.

Holiday Management

Staff can request time off in a couple of clicks, and it’s easy for managers to approve them based on the clear data provided in the system. Making quick informed choices will keep you and your employees happy.

These are just three of the great features available. There are many more aspects to this software that you will enjoy like attendance management, sickness management, custom absence management, and a handy employee document portal. Our software also offers intuitive dashboards and insightful reporting.

Whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner with years of experience, our software is tailored to meet your needs. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the full range of features here … features

Xpert Leave Management has been embraced by numerous business owners who have reaped the rewards of its exceptional efficiency. It is truly affordable, offering an unparalleled solution for HR administration headaches. With prices starting at a mere £2.50+VAT per month, we guarantee you will be impressed with its performance. Don’t just take our word for it – experience it yourself, completely free of charge… free trial