We’re excited to share that Dr. Anjulika Salhan is featured in a fantastic article on the Mirror Review website.

The piece delves into her remarkable journey, exploring her early career and the amazing individuals who have inspired and guided her to where she is today. Dr. Salhan is passionately dedicated to supporting small businesses, and her story is a testament to the impact of her work. Here’s a short snippet:

In 2010, as part of an ambitious service expansion, she took on a unique challenge by providing specialized calculations for law firms in commercial law, especially in banking and lending. This required blending mathematics with complex commercial law. Dr. Anjulika created computer codes in MATLAB, drawing from the Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Credit Law, to calculate the total cost of credit. These codes proved invaluable to many law firms. She also applied her mathematical skills to Tax Law, using these principles in various VAT cases, some of which went to the Tax Tribunal.

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