Storing important client information has always been a time and space consuming issue for businesses. If you have the type of business that collects and produces documents you need a system for storage, and in recent years it has become prudent to go with the digital option.

The concept of cloud storage as a service was offered by Amazon in 2006 and was quickly copied by other companies. It is now a widely accepted technology that is used safely by businesses and private users. You probably use the cloud more than you think. Services like Dropbox, Yahoo, Pinterest and Netflix have been successfully using the cloud for a while.

Easy access

As long as you have an internet connection the cloud is easily accessible and you won’t get overwhelmed with paper. Keeping paperwork becomes a burdensome chore when it accumulates, and the task of filing is never at the top of a to-do list. It just takes a busy few weeks of not prioritising the admin to quickly find yourself in a mess. The cloud allows you to easily create files and store information much quicker and without the annoyance of standing around a filing cabinet.

It has advantages over storing client documents on your laptop too. Even if you do regular back-ups the information on your device will only be visible to you and sharing means emailing. The worst case scenario is dropping the laptop in a puddle or leaving it on the public transport. Imagine the heartache or losing that much data, on top of having to explain the situation to your clients. It’s really not worth the risk.

Lots of space

You won’t be clogging up the memory in your PC when you use the cloud. Large files like videos and photos won’t be eating up the space and you certainly won’t be getting those warnings that your disk space is dangerously low.

If you have ever sat at your laptop deleting old photographs and emptying the little trash file in the corner of your screen you will understand the frustrations of trying to find extra space. Storing files on the cloud will eradicate all those time wasting tasks and leave you free to get on with the important jobs.


The beauty of cloud storage is that the back-ups happen without you, and the updates are in real time. You can be sharing a document with colleagues and make changes that everyone sees as they occur.

In the early days of computing, it was common for the huge disks necessary for storing files to be stored in a different building to protect the data that was on them. This was done for insurance reasons and could mean that a junior IT worker would have to push a sack barrow of huge plastic disks from one office block to another. The disks weren’t like floppy disks; they were the size of a kitchen sink and just as heavy. This was during the 1980’s when mobile phones were brick sized and CD’s were just starting to replace vinyl. Since then the technology for storing data has become much more compact and even a small flash drive can hold hundreds of documents and images.


Any data that you put into the cloud will be encrypted, backed up and saved many more times than you would. The business of cloud storage is just that – a business; and it is their sole aim to provide an environment that users will trust. Security is their top priority.

Firstly your files are encrypted so unless you choose to have multiple users on your cloud account no one else will be able to view the information. Next there are firewalls in place to further protect against hackers. A firewall applies rules to the traffic that comes into a network and filters out anything that does not comply with their imposed regulations.

The cloud is not in the sky, but on servers kept in warehouses. Your data will be backed up several times over, and stored in multiple locations. This is to protect against a natural failure like a power cut or a hardware breakdown. If one server goes down, as a user you won’t even notice because your files will be backed up in another location and you’ll be automatically re-routed.

The advantages of cloud storage far outweigh the problems, and as long as you have a secure internet connection there is no good reason to use an alternative. You won’t have to find extra space on hard drives or in filing cabinets. You won’t have the bother of updating, saving and doing time consuming back-ups. The information will be updated across all your devices and you’ll be able to share this up-to-date information will colleagues and clients alike.

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