So you have decided that you don’t want to be part of the rat race any more, and you are looking for a satisfying career that is right for you. Have you thought about driving for a living? Consider the benefits…

You only need to do it part time

Of course you can do it full time if you feel that it’s right for you, but it’s not necessary. Maybe you just want some extra cash for a holiday or you work part time in another job and want to top up your earnings. This is a job that you can start on a part time basis and expand if you discover that its ticking all the right boxes.

You don’t sit behind a desk all day

Your workplace is on the open road; away from the stuffy confines of an office. You will get to see the countryside and while you’ll be keeping your eyes on the road, it’s good for your mental well-being to see nature and feel like you are outside.

If you are happy in your own company then this is a plus. An office is full of people that you have to build relationships with, and while you will need good communication skills, your main interactions will only be brief doorstep chats.

You will be required to dress to a certain standard but the clothing will be much more comfortable than super smart office attire

There is a demand for delivery drivers right now!

This is a result of the pandemic, but it’s not a trend that’s dying down. Consumers have adopted new buying habits and haven’t changed back. Buying online is easier than it’s ever been and e-commerce businesses are thriving. The delivery driver is a key element in the supply chain and it’s a good time to take advantage of the upturn in online purchasing.

You get to sing!

Don’t laugh, it’s really good for your mental health. Singing is a great way to stay happy, and as long as you’re not singing miserable songs it will really lift your spirits. Driving is a solitary occupation so what better way to pass the time than belting out a ballad on the motorway. Make sure you are on a busy road and not sitting at traffic lights with the window open! You could get some strange looks.

Your customers are always pleased to see you

Think about how you feel when you have ordered something online. It’s a thrill to see the delivery driver on your doorstep holding a parcel with your name on it. As a delivery driver, you will be giving this thrill to all your customers day after day.

There will obviously be a few people who are unhappy so think about your communication skills, do you stay calm when dealing with someone who is angry or aggravated. Remember that they are never angry with you (as long as you haven’t kicked their dog or trampled on their garden!) they will be upset about a delay in delivery or what has been sent. It’s important that you can deal with tricky situations occasionally. On the whole your client base will be full of smiles.

You get to drive

If you love driving then that’s probably why you thought about being a courier in the first place. Driving can be a very freeing feeling. You are your own boss, you are out in the world and you are in control. Remember that you need to be physically fit too. Driving is not really a sitting down job, you will require stamina and focus to withstand long periods on the road, and your eyesight needs to be tip top. Consider also the need to have a clean driving licence, that’s correct for the type of vehicle you want to drive.

There’s lots of help out there

To start your research type the words ‘driver agency’ and the name of your home town into a search engine and you will see a whole list of potential work unfold before you. Drivers are in demand and its a growing industry.

If you don’t have experience of admin work, don’t let this stop you considering becoming a self employed driver. At U-deliver we have a team of experts with years of experience, who will be happy to help with the pressures of admin work and accounts. Click this link for more details…

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