When you are out of the office a phone keeps you organised. That little square of technology is your email, calendar, calculator, address book, alarm clock, camera and phone. Before you even visit the app store these features are there; so why not make the most of it’s memory space and make sure it’s really working for you.


Making notes on your phone can easily replace a notepad and pen. Whether it’s just a general ‘to do’ list or an important point that you don’t want to forget, this facility is very useful. If you are not comfortable using the small keypad, there are apps that allow you to use your voice to write. Just speak and the phone records you; it then converts it into text. Try the free ones first, like ‘Voice Notes’ or ‘Voice Notebook’.  They are easy to use, and accurate enough for note taking. Your secretary will hate it!


If you value your social media audience then photos are a very important element of your business image. Mobile phones have replaced the camera for all but professional photographers, and the quality of picture is exceptionally good on smart phones.

If you want to create graphic visuals then try a free editing tool like ‘Canva’. It’s mobile version is easy to use, and quite addictive once you start. You can add text, borders, stock images and colour templates that make your posts look like a graphic designer has made them.

If you have several social media accounts you can then schedule one post to several different platforms using programs like MailChimp or Hootsuite. How your products or services are represented online can all be done very quickly from your mobile phone, and it’s the ideal tool for posting, as most social media will also be viewed on smaller devices.


Advertise to those around you. If you meet with customers regularly, consider using a branded phone case in a bright colour. It’s sure to spark comments and it helps you look more corporate, especially if combined with a logo on your uniform, paperwork and vehicle. It’s natural to make branded clothing and business cards because you see them everywhere, so why not be different and include your phone in the overall look.

Group collaboration

Remember the days of faxing quotes, and posting letters? Nowadays we shoot off emails and expect an immediate response, and this can be done from your phone now. There are even communication systems that allow you to collaborate with work colleagues while you are all in different locations. You can contribute to a team project in real time and view it’s progress without the need for meetings or phone calls, it’s all there to view on a mutual system. Do your research here, Slack and Microsoft Teams are big names in this field and are worth considering, but it’s good practice to investigate further to obtain a system that suits your business.

Taking credit card payments

Visiting customers and taking payment with the tap of a card will make your service appear more convenient. The plumber or gardener who can process a card payment and email a receipt on the doorstep will be much more impressive than someone who will only take cash, and at best will scribble a receipt or probably not even issue a proof of payment.

Again, it’s worth doing some research to get the right system that suits your business. In return you will get the convenience of a quick payment and your customers will feel they have dealt with a professional.


Online banking is an incredibly secure way to manage your finances, and banks are experts at keeping your records safe. Paying bills and transferring money is now easier than ever to do from your mobile. You can even invest in stocks and shares through mobile apps and check your credit rating.


An accounting app can do much more than just show you the numbers. Invoicing customers online has been a great advantage over recent years and the technology is improving at a pace with secure links to your bank and Paypal accounts.

Here at Xpert Technologies we understand the busy schedule that most business owners have, and our easy to use invoice scanning software is a great little app that will make life much easier. Having the invoice scanning software means that the camera on your phone is a scanner that uploads all your receipts to the cloud and keeps the data safe instead of a crumpled mess in your pocket. It will even order the content logically and sort it by date and supplier, so you don’t have a big job of collating the information. It’s a real time saver. Click this link to find out more Invoice Scanning – Xpert Technologies (xpert-technologies.co.uk)

Imagine how organised you can be, just by having your phone with you.